Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

Fall down

Ouah ! Facile, fantastique, et formidable. 
That's an expression which can I give when I am studying French. Although I don't speak it very well, but I can enjoy it consciously. And today, we continue studying about Les Adjective Qualificatifs and try to read the dialogue "Il est beau". I am interested in this lesson. Hemm, but I am so sad because my French teacher don't recognize me, even she almost realize that I am one of the student in this class. It sadden, doesn't it? Whereas, I have carried on to be the best for her. But, it still can't. And I feel like that today. She doesn't give me more chance to show that I can and I want to learn more. I don't know why she does it to me. Is my voice was so small that he did not listen and pay more attention? Or does he not want to bother with my desire to receive a little more attention to it? If she knows about what is in my heart, of course I will be very happy. Formerly, I want to read it, Madame. Please, just give me one chance. Actually, I cry while you let me out. I'm jealous with my friends. But, it's never mind. It had passed. I just hope so that she can change her mind for looking at me. Oups sorry, I tell more about it. Just want to sharing. Now, I will also tell you about what happened to me this afternoon. Okay, firstly, before the bell school rang to sign the time for back home, I was remembered one sentence in dialogue before. It said that on ne cherche pas un beau garcon. So, I thought that it was the good words. I got one inspiration from it. I started flying on dream. Haha, a strange thing began attending me. The 5W+1H walked arround my head. Why was this statement justified? On the one hand, may be that's true because in this word we don't just find the perfect and handsome boys. But, we must look him from his understanding and personality, too. In while, on the other hand, can be interpreted that ninety six percent of women saw the man from the physical as well. Yes, actually it is also not entirely wrong because the view every person is different, including me in this regard. Just like me. It is undeniable that I also choose a man of physical prowess and good looks, and not in spite of the good habits and personality. While walking down the stairs with a laptop in my arms, I was still in a dream to think about it. Have I been wrong in choosing and think rationally? Hemm, I arrived at the picket and sit a while. Completed the task, and then I immediately rushed to the gate to find a rickshaw because torrential rain had begun to fall. Previously, Reyonald has forced me to come home and eventually I started to follow him wishes. He simply left without waiting me for clearing my bag and laptop. I immediately ran to get him, but could not I thought my feet stuck in the iron turns next to picket. God, I instantly sat up and could not stand up anymore. My legs felt very sick and unable to be moved back. All my body was shaking with suppressed pain. Reyonald who had previously beat me instantly see and help me. He also raised my hand, but I still can not stand. My body feels very heavy to lift my leg. Then, he tried to arm with both hands, until I was forced to stand. Apparently, my feet have bled. My hands blister. The rain was getting heavy. My friend took me to the shelter and treat the wound in my leg with betadine and handiplas. He's very good. Thank you very much for all your kindness to me.

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