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"An almost perfect girl. Clever & beautiful. The talented girl in fashion"

Hello, my name is Nisca Puspita Hia. Usually, I am called Nisca by many people. I live at Galang Street No. 144 B, Lubukpakam, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia. My religion is Christian. I love singing, listening to the music, editing, typing, and reading books so much. Certainly, I am also interested in fashion more than anything. In addition, studying is one of my hobby in my life. However, it's not too enough to say that I am a beautiful and smart girl, but I think I have to start to proud of myself first. That is an amazing grace from Jesus I can still like this until now. I am a simple girl with long straight black hair. I am very tall for the usually girl, it's about 170 cm. I have a flat noise. I think that I am too big for the teenagers in my ages. I am a very shy girl, very ambitious in every way, but in a different situation I am so temperament. I love to smile and laugh. Sometimes, I have much time for fun and making crazy with my friends in my class and neighbour. Feeling that I am a funny teenagers. But, It's only sometimes and not always like that. Whole people who knows me will understand about my customs. Hihihi... 

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