Kamis, 13 September 2012

I want to be a supermodel

I am a student in senior high school. I'm 15 years old now. I'm still young. But I have one hope in my life, that is as a famous and a super-model. I think that to be a model is an exciting job. There is no tired and it doesn't wasting a lot of energy. Just need someone who has good talented indeed. I love shopping so much more than anything, in addition to learning. I want to feel a lot of experiences being a model. Never thought about why i love it. However, as I know life is at least as long as I can enjoy it with fun without having to think hard but produce something extraordinary from the ordinary. I can also travel around the world just for a fee from my ads and get listed in tabloids and magazines that is famous all over the world. And one dream that must come true is to become the biggest millionaire on the earth. I am a crazy girl, right? Yes, actually I was really mad. Fashion is what has made me mad because I was so crazy about it. However, what will happen if my parents don't support the talent that I have?

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  1. Ah great post everyone has to have ambitions in life! Thank you for my comment xx


    1. Thank you my sister. This comment makes a great support to me.
      mind to follow my blog back, please? ;) Thankyouu