Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

Take a pleasure trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The twin tower
Suria KLCC

Jembatan Penang-Pulau Jejak

My aunt, my mother, me, and koko 
Acai in Kompleks Queensbay Mall, Penang

Pasar Kuala Lumpur

Jembatan Seri Wawasan



My mother, me, and Mr. Wedsley Paiva from Brazilia. He said that he has stayed in New Zealand. He travelled arround the world especially Kuala Lumpur and also Indonesia. And we meet there, exactly at Pesisiran Putra Jaya, Government Center. Amazing! He is still singel. His firm is solid. Oh, my goodness. I like that so much. We take more than one photos. I am so happy to see them. Do you like him same as me?

Giant Mall

Apartment Mewah Court near 
The Lam Wah Ee Hospital

On the way to Batu Ferringgi Beach
Bukit Bendera Park

Batu Ferringgi Beach

In airport

In Polonia Airport, Medan

Hy friends, I have come to Malaysia with my mother, my aunt, my grandmother, my uncle and just back to Indonesia three days ago. Feeling so satisfied, however that’s too much wasting energy. Without a rest. Actually, I can throught it. The first day, after we reach at Penang Airport, we went finding an apartment, it’s Mewah Court. Then we take medical check up soon. You know, that’s so-so-so bored, I think. I didn’t want like that happened again. Why? Yach, becauce we need a full day for waiting one person finishing their check up. So tiring, isn’t it? And you can imagine how long we can finish it if we take medical check up for five person. Oh.oh.oh. five days, right? It’s make the broken heart for me. I must also walk to come to the hospital and back again to apartment. Everyday. It is so far, about 3 kilometers. In my mind, I am more and more thin there. The second day, I went to Loh Guan Lye Hospital, The Specialist Center. After that, me, my mother and my aunt, koko acai also, went to see Adventist Hospital. On the way, I could find Methodist Boy’s School, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sri Mutiara, S.M.J.K. Heng Ee. We also visited Cocoa Boutique, SYKT Wah Thai Native Products Co., Kompleks Queensbay Mall (the biggest mall I found in my history). Then, we went to Kuala Lumpur for six hours. The scenary is very nice and beautiful. It’s wonderful. Nothing defects. I found twin tower, traders hotel, suria KLCC, menara atlan, parkson, menara see hoy chan, jembatan pulau jejak, the mines resort city, jabatan kastam diraja malaysia, pesisiran putra jaya, giant mall, government center, penang chinese girl’s high school, restaurant KTV lounge, and rainbow paradise-beach resort. The next day, we visited bukit bendera, batu ferringgi beach, apartment miami bay, hilltop villas, moonlight bay, and the last-golden thai. The bored trip but great and comfortable. And honestly from my heart, I am proud with Malaysia country especially for its people because they can keep they country with the best way. They are also always appreciate their surroundings with keep its cleanliness. However, there are some matter between we and them, but after I see arrangement and management country of Malaysia better than Indonesia, I am too admire their country. The people also very kindy and good social intercourse. But, In my opinion, Indonesia is only the first.

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