Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

The Embarrassing Moment

Do you know that this day is so-so terrible? I just say that I am very exhausted for everything. Why? Ask me now, please. Yeah, because of my eyes, face, and one of my belly (oh, no-no, my intention is a belly. I have only one). They are in pain. It's a matter of three days ago, so the impact on them at this time. You know someone has made ​​me ashamed. Not only myself but my clothes are made ashamed also feel embarrassed as I felt at that time. Seem to sound very strange indeed. But that's all right. Why do I feel ashamed? Of course, because people was seen strange. Strange when they saw that someone who is my boyfriend, actually, was soon to go because saw me. Shame, is not it? I do not feel guilty. And the only one that comes to my mind that he was always wrong. I'm still right. "You're like a ghost without a tail". I thought about him. He's selfish. Never said what he did not like me. But it's always mad at me. What does he want? Remember and take note: this event only happens occasionally, so he is not entirely innocent). He was angry and just be silent. Just like me. But do not match me like him. He is always like me, but I never like him. And I just said, it still happens occasionally. Actually, what I regarded him. Sate or whether perhaps a kind of meatball? Oh no, I'm his girlfriend. Yes, I'm sure I must have her lover, right? I don't forget. Friends, in fact I love the weirdness of him.I'm proud, because of him, I learned that apparently I still have a sense of shame and from him I learned that the people we love are not always going to behave as we want. But rest assured, so we are getting what it means to love the truth. I love you deep in my hearth. And, do you know? I learned to cry with a version of classic and jass also from him. And this is what often makes eyes, face, and my belly often feels sick. I dreamed I was in a prison when I was embarrassed to see my face because he left me alone in front of people. Well, you can imagine just how plain and miserable look on my face.

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